Foreplay, gay sex and Tantra massage

Gay sex is not that different from sex between a man and a lady.
Gay men are often proud to have some more expertise when it comes to sex. But the power of habits is strong. And habits can turn easily to unawareness.

“Let’s get straight to the point”
A widely spread habit is going straight to oral sex and penetration, saving foreplay for the sake of rush and stress.
You might already guess what this post is going to be about.
Yes, foreplay is something we usually forget. Especially when having a long term relationship. After some time habits can kill passion.
New ideas are always handy and can help us not only rescue a boring bedroom but also return the joy and anticipation of nice, longer and more satisfying sexual encounters. With whoever.
Foreplay is sometimes seen as the mandatory games we have to “go through” before getting to “the point”. Meaning oral sex and penetration.
To Tantra traditions foreplay is more that just a mandatory time. Foreplay is a game in itself. Many couple therapists start forbidding penetration for the couple to focus just on these preliminary games. These games are the trick to heat up your sexual temperature and achieve a much more intense and satisfying “all the way” sexual act.
Foreplay feels much better to many men when there is no pressure to perform oral sex nor penetration. If oral sex and penetration are desire, then it feels much better than just “having to do it” to call it sex.
Foreplay is a wonderful way to connect. It is the first level to share some true and desired intimacy.
In fact to Tantra traditions the foreplay extends to all the time of the day. And foreplay starts with a short message on the phone as “I’m thinking of you”. This anticipates the intimate meeting.
A couple who follows these Tantra concepts will be under the constant effect of foreplay. Isn’t this exciting?
To Tantra the future does not exists. There is only one way to live life to the fullest intensity: living the present moment.
This means while we are enjoying our foreplay we should not be thinking about what’s next. Not only penetration but also washing the dishes, writing a business e-mail or whatever not related to our intimate moment.
It is relevant that our mind is exactly with us at that moment in time. Focusing on our partner and the present moment is the nicest way to enjoy a sweet and intimate foreplay.

Have questions?
Call me +34 676 648 226

And visit my website:

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Gay massage in Barcelona

Welcome in Barcelona!

Just landed in this city filled with new secrets to discover? Barcelona can be an amazing path of new discovering and challenges.

One of the most treasured new experiences to many a new visitor is my erotic gay massage. Please allow me to say this with all my humbleness. This is what many of my customers and friends tell me after living this sensual and very intimate experience.

Naked masseur Barcelona

Paco masseur Barcelona

We usually take traveling too seriously, and I am also speaking for myself now. It seems like a race to visit all the places that all tourists “should see”. The Ramblas, Picasseo Museu, Fundació Miró, some Gaudí buildings, Sagrada Familia… the count can be as long as the stay you are planning.

Why not enjoying a soothing massage? If you wish you can experience a really special gay massage. A massage to discover new aspects in sensuality and eroticism.

Most of the gay men have fantasies with their masseurs. Sexual fantasies that are only taking place in our imagination.

You can make them come true now. My massage sessions are spiced up with some intriguing and very sexy grips.

You can choose the intensity and the sexual temperature level. I can adapt to many levels of intimacy.

“How far can you go in a massage?”

This is what many men are asking me before ordering a specific “massage menu”. As a masseur I can go from a white or legitimate massage without even caressing your intimate parts to the hottest approach of erotic body to body and naked massage.

What I never perform is oral sex nor penetration. I would not be a masseur then. I’d be an escort or a gigolo, and that’s a job I’m not interested in.

“Why don’t you offer full sex?”

Don’t leave escorts without their job! Escorts or gigolos can promise you an amazing massage as a way to start their service or as a way to warm you up. Those encounters usually start harsh and cold, with no chemistry and ease at all. Escorts are not really interested in performing a long massage and will go straight to a fast and furious sexual session. It can last some 10 to 15 minutes. Yes, it can be really intense. And short. And expensive.

Massage is hotter and lasts longer

Massage instead has a much longer performance time. My shortest massage takes 45 minutes, while my longest full service full treat massage is a 3 hours session, really thorough in working all your body parts with care, wisdom and a sexy but honest attitude. You will probably discover sensitive spots that had never been stimulated on your body.

How can I make a booking?

We can speak on the phone, or you can send me an e-mail asking for the information you can’t find on this website. Please call my cell phone if it’s short notice. Or send an SMS or whatsApp message.

Making a booking is as easy as calling me to set up a date and time.

Gay massage in my studio

You are welcomed at my studio in Barcelona. It is a legal and discrete apartment, not know at all for being the scenery of erotic massages. The decoration and facilities have been projected to host a discrete and private intimate massage. You will be able to have a very comfortable hot shower before and after our massage session.

We won’t be disturbed by anybody. After the massage is over you can dress up again and go on with your visit to Barcelona’s most interesting sites. Right around the corner you have —literally!— La Pedrera, one of Gaudí’s most famous buildings on Passeig de Gràcia.

Gay massage in your hotel

I can also come to your hotel. Enjoying a massage in your room is something else! Very intimate, very comfortable and on top of that very convenient for you. This way you will save taxis and traveling time. I don’t charge taxis, and the massage prices are exactly the same.

After the massage you can fall asleep in your own bed. Call it a day and wake up only in the next morning, having had a deep and re-fueling sleep that will give you some new energy to go on with your business life or tourist activities.

Enjoying a massage in your private apartment or hotel room will allow us some extra time to talk or have a drink. Before and after the massage. An intimate talk about your very personal aspects might be relevant. Please consider sharing if you are ticklish on certain body parts, or if you get a bit too easily to climax. This may change the massage protocol.

Naked gay massage

When serving hotels I can perform the massage naked starting with the 150 € prostate massage. This is something I only do at the studio starting at the 200 € extremely erotic massage. There are some legal aspects that force me to do so.

Paco, your naked masseur

Paco gay massage in Barcelona

Contact me

Call me +34 676 648 226

Or send me an e-mail:

I will be very happy to serve you!

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Gay massage in Barcelona: welcome spring!

Yep, spring started again! Spring brings some good weather, a warmer and more active attitude for our dalyly lives. And the desire to enjoy some sensuality.

Skin communication is a relevant part of our lives, and we all crave for it every now and then.

A sensual bodywork, maybe naked or maybe using some sexy underwear, is what you might need right now. This is my calling and my job, and if you had the chance to try this kind of massage before you will be able to understand why so many customers write these amazing reviews about my service.

Last spring I served a customer who had traveled around the whole world. He said “the best erotic Tantra masseur is serving in Mumbai’s Tantra Temple. It’s time to check your job now”. I admit I felt intimidated. I don’t like to feel compared to others. I guess we all have that primitive fear of failing.

After that 90 minutes extremely erotic and naked massage this man stopped moaning, groaning and screaming. He went silent.

Silence can be a bad signal after a massage. Then he spoke: “Listen Paco, you did not score the first place as the best masseur in the world. But you are the glorious second best masseur on earth”.

Having said this, he silently took a shower, dressed up again and before leaving he added “I wish I was coming back to Barcelona real soon. I worship your bodywork. Truly amazing”.


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Erotic gay massage in Spring

Erotic gay massage in Spring.

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Gay erotic massage prices 2014

My erotic Tantra massages have the same prices as in 2009. I am going to keep them one more year during 2014. 

You can cheek my other blogs and websites and you will find the same prices, they are consistent.

Same fees apply to jun-call at my studio and also for outcalls at your hotel or private apartment in Barcelona city. I never charge transport fees inside the city. If you are in the airport hotel area we can deal personally.

Paco naked in underwear

Paco your gay erotic masseur in Barcelona


Please visit my websites for more information: and

This is my e-mail address:

And my direct cell: +34 676 648 226


Big sexy hug!

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This new year 2014 has started with some new energy!

My recurring customers have the time and the will to praise my job again and again, and new customers are satisfied and amazed as well. The certainty to be useful, satisfying, professional and loved by my customers is nurturing me as ever.

I have also started a new website in catalan,, from which I will copy some translated content here. I am thinking about the anecdotes, one of the most read pages of all my websites and blogs. I am very careful when it comes to describing a customer, a place or situation since I have a deep and honest respect for all of my customers, no matter where they are coming from.

Same fees apply to jun-call at my studio and also for outcalls at your hotel or private apartment in Barcelona city. I never charge transport fees inside the city. If you are in the airport hotel area we can deal personally.

Paco naked in underwear

Paco your gay erotic masseur in Barcelona

Please visit my websites for more information:, and

This is my e-mail address:

And my direct cell: +34 676 648 226

Big sexy hug!

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Enjoy a massage in your hotel-room -save the taxis

Please check also

I am a tantric masseur in Barcelona. My job is sharing with you the sensuality you dream to enjoy in a special erotic Tantra massage. I’m a strong catalan man 185 cms tall (6 ‘1 feet) and I use my whole body to deliver a passionate tantra sensual and hot massage.

I’m serving gay and straight men and gay and straight couples in Barcelona directly in your hotel for your convenience, or at TantraTouch’s premises in Calle Balmes (see TantraTouch and the map).

Being a tantric masseur is not enough to explain what my unique energies are all about. These energies reach beyond any tag, be it gay, bisexual or straight. The most important is my tantric massage, and you have the chance to enjoy it now you are in Barcelona.

Let me please offer you my proficiency and time. I ‘d like to have the chance to make some time for an oasis in your life. Sensuality and ecstasy will blossom in something deeply treasured: your smile of satisfaction.

If you may have any doubt please feel free to ask me writing directly. I’ll be glad to answer whatever questions you may have:

You are very welcomed to visit my luxurious premises in Ritual Masajes Barcelona: Pau Claris, 176 (between Provença and Mallorca, one block beneath Diagonal).

Please call or use whatsApp to book your session: +34 676 648 226

Please visit the massage menus to choose the massage that best fits your dreams.

Ritual Masajes Barcelona is the best place to enjoy a sensual and tantric massage for people from all genders and sexual orientation, be it heterosexual, bisexual or gay.

I am a tantric masseur who believes in the unique talent of each and every masseur. I give myself to deliver the most sensual, sweet, masculine and intense massage you may ever experience.

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